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The recent Municipal Council, at its session of 21/02/2017, took a unanimous decision for the construction of a new shelter on Paros, on a land owned by the Municipality.

This was further to a request made by PAWS President Mrs R. Eleftheriadou who also participated in the session. The relocation of the shelter from Trypiti where it operates for several years now, became imperative after the recent heavy rainfalls, that damaged seriously part of the old building which is ready to collapse.

The Paros Mayor Mr M.Kovaios and the Council members responded immediately and positively. The new shelter will be constructed in collaboration with PAWS.

Mr G. Tripolitsiotis – Council member with majority vote, will donate two big water tanks for the initial operation phase of the shelter, so that to satisfy its water requirements.

The construction of a new shelter will mean a lot to Paros; not only from the civilization point of view but also for its tourism, as it will add another “plus” to the so many interesting and loving things Paros has to show.

To be noted that the construction of a new state-of-the art shelter by the Paros Municipality will be the first to be realized in the Cyclades, in line with the provisions and specifications of the respective Greek Law.






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