Contact us: (+30) 697 506 0927. Monday to Saturday 09:00-14:00 and 18:00-21:00

P.O.Box 46972, Drios, Páros, 84400, Greece. E-mail us at:


Since 2009 we began our official neutering program and have neutered over 900 cats thanks to donations by individuals and charities.  We organize a weekly session at the vet at special favourable rates for PAWS: €25 for a female, €20 for a male. When we have the necessary funds we can contribute to the costs. Cats must be stray, not house cats, including around those around your neighbourhood and yard, and especially those at garbage bins and abandoned in the winter season in hotels and restaurants. Please call to make an appointment and to borrow traps and carriers if necessary. (+30) 694 831 4802 or (+30) 697 030 0009.

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We welcome donations to neuter the stray cat colonies.