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Winter Feeding

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We currently feed some 300 cats at 16 cat colonies around the island. These are areas where cats gather after the hotels, restaurants and home close down in the summer time – for example parking lots, garbage bins.  When cats gather and get fed every day, they become more tame and makes it easier for us to catch them for neutering.  We do not feed at cat colonies unless there is an ongoing neutering program otherwise we are just adding to the stray cat population. It costs us €20 euros for a 20-kilo bag and we use 25 bags a month in the winter, 12 bags a month in the summer. 

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We are always looking for volunteers to feed our cat colonies and to catch and bring them for neutering in their neighbourhoods.

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We appreciate donations towards the feeding of the cat colonies.

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Please call (+30) 694 831 4802 or (+30) 697 030 0009 for more info.