Contact us: (+30) 697 506 0927. Monday to Saturday 09:00-14:00 and 18:00-21:00

P.O.Box 46972, Drios, Páros, 84400, Greece. E-mail us at:

The Shelter

We maintain a temporary dog shelter in Tripiti.  It accommodates some 35 to 45 dogs and has 2 full-time managers who live on the grounds. Our managers work at the shelter on one year agreements from September to September.

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We welcome volunteers who can walk the dogs (usually after 2 pm) to drive dogs to the vet, to pick up a rescue dog and bring it to the shelter, to deliver any medicine or food.  You can also visit and spend time with the dogs for the possibility of adopting one.

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If you are interested in volunteering at the shelter, or working at the shelter as a manager, please call (+30) 6975 060927 to find out more details.

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Directions: the shelter is between Aspro Chorio and Aliki, above Glyfa beach. If you are coming from Aliki drive past Farangas and the sharp horseshoe curve and turn left up the road towards the hills at the first mirror. If you are coming from Aspro Chorio turn right towards the hills at the 2nd mirror, after Glyfa beach. The shelter is about 1000 metres. You will first hear then see the dogs.