Contact us: (+30) 697 506 0927. Monday to Saturday 09:00-14:00 and 18:00-21:00

P.O.Box 46972, Drios, Páros, 84400, Greece. E-mail us at:


We need volunteers for the following: 

DOGS – Walking at the shelter; fostering; driving the dogs to the vet and back; picking up rescue dogs and bringing them to the shelter; escorting them abroad, mostly to Germany; escorting them on the ferry boats to Athens; also handywork at the shelter. Mobile: 6975 060 927

CATS: Fostering; feeding at the cat colonies; catching cats for neutering and overnighting them during 24 hour recovery period; identifying cats for neutering and working with PAWS with the neutering program. Mobile: 6951 851 575.

SHOP AND BAZAARS: Working hours Monday – Saturday 11am-2pm; (additionally in the summer  the evenings 7pm – midnight). On the old Market Street, parikia, between ranco Scala restaurant and Mikro Cafe. Looking for reliable and well organized people who also promote animal welfare to customers; also who can help at our bazaars. Mobile: 6951 851 575.